Occupy your Life - contemplation

Occupy your Life

Contemplation Guide

Use this guide to acknowledge the Insights you had playing Occupy Your Life with your partners, or just laying out the cards as a solitaire tool for inner reflection on your relationship with your Life, your family, and your community.

Declare what you would like out of life (partner, children)
Write it down before you begin a game.
Contemplate/discuss the fact that opportunity for a Family (partner and children) can present itself at any time. How prepared are you to gamble and seize the opportunity or will you miss the boat if you are "not ready" yet?

Play the game

Joie de vivre
When you begin Life by playing a child card -
Contemplate/discuss how a child's Wants and Needs are mixed together with him/her unable to distinguish between the two. You can only occupy your life and contribute to your community's needs as an adult.

Take control
When you add an adult card to your Life -

Contemplate/discuss living as adults where Needs and Wants are distinguished separately where Needs are recognized as necessities while Wants are luxuries (drives for them that come from deep within) whose obtainment has to be managed.

Fulfilling needs before wants for yourself and society 

Redeem satisfied Wants and Needs
When you add a your Shop card to your Life
Contemplate/discuss your ability to create as your gift to the community. Your product fulfills the Needs of others, whose payments afford you the power to take control over your Life and redeem Wants and Needs previously put on hold.

Natural Disaster
When you draw a Wipe-out card, both you AND your community need you to pick yourself up -

Contemplate/discuss starting over by reentering the game humbly as a child or cautiously as an adult; you will find that your community will help you because it needs you. If you are lucky enough to reenter with a Shop card, contributing to your partners' Lives, they will be able to assist you get back on your feet faster.

Support one another
When a player is in trouble from a Wipe-out or Dollar Harvesters
Contemplate/discuss the two ways you can "reach out " to him or her by connecting your Life cards to his or her's or acquiring his or her product. Depression can easily make people close up and give up trying to complete their Life. Experiencing care and appreciation from others encourages and empowers a person to recover from debilitating debt.

Feel the emotions generated by the game and captured by your notes.
Compare these Feelings with how you feel normally.

Happiness in Life

is the alignment of what we do on the outside with who we are on the inside.
Use these games to interact with aspects of Life
in ways that generate Happiness for you.