Admcadiam Art playing cards

$ 100.00

The Admcadiam Minor Arcana Playing Cards are the worlds only internationally suited deck of Playing Cards, as they use the full range of “pip” designs drawn from all over the world. I have used this rich variety of symbolic imagery as the basis for an allegorical visual story to express the development of awareness of our world as we know it. The sequentially developing images of each suit draw their symbolic inspiration from a different dimension.

In the first suit, Diamonds, the “pips” emerge form the face of the two card and expand in changing patterns as they multiply in a 2d space throughout the suit.

In the second suit, Spades, the “pips” explore 3D space and suggest the reality we move around in each day.

The third suit, Hearts, begins with a reference to quantum physics and the whirling dervishes of Sufism, and goes on to explore the various metaphysical ways we as humans try to make sense of our world. This dimension is beyond the third and so I see it as 4D.

The last suit, Clubs, the traditional symbol of new life, shows leaves opening in response to the light and warmth of the sun, symbolizing the illumination one can achieve through Insights that can be revealed through play.

NOTE: Traditionally, Playing Cards and Tarot Cards have been used as a system for playing games and looking into Life by many cultures over the centuries. Suit designs, or “pips” as the symbols on the faces of cards are called, differ widely throughout the world. The most commonly known are Hearts, Clubs Diamond and Spades from the French and English traditions. I have an extensive collection of cards from around the world and my the 52 suit design represent a flow through the imagery from which I drew.

These cards can be used for contemplation or regular games. A 100 page booklet, hidden in the lid of the double box set, interprets the symbolism of each card. Originally designed in 1977, these cards were the beginning of Games for Conscious Living. This vintage collection has seen many adventures on both sides of the Atlantic