SkyGarden - Explore your relationship with your Partner - - a strategy card game

$ 37.00

The situation - Play as a Gardener or Stargazer to complete your partner’s life with love, by surrounding him/her with Flowers from your garden or Stars from the night skies.           

The challenge - Draw cards from your "Relationship" stack and use them to develop Feelings into Love, and Love into Care, as you move your cards toward each other.

The Danger - There really aren't any dangers in this game because it's about developing feelings. Not developing feelings will cause you to lose the game.

The first player to surround his or her partner with Flowers or Stars WINS.

NOTE: This game is inspired by the sense of completion people experience when they fall in love. I would like to think this sense of security that lovers feel when in love is captured by the metaphor of the Gardener “being there” with flowers for the StarGazer during the day, and the StarGazer “being there” with stars for the Gardener during the night.

Two players

Game components - 37 cards 2.75″ x 2.75″.  One Illustrated rule sheet.  One cotton draw string bag.  Made in USA

Available - Late October 

Age - 10 to 100

Play time - 20 mins. - 40 mins

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