Occupy Your Life - Explore your relationship with Family and Society - - - a strategy card game

$ 37.00

The situation - As a member of society (the 99%) you play as a Builder, Baker, Tailor, or Candlestick Maker fulfilling personal Wants (for example having a partner or a family), while you satisfy the four basic needs of your community: providing shelter, food, clothing, and warmth to each other.

The challenge - Balance when to “Go with the Flow” by waiting for what you want, or “Seizing the Day” by putting your wants on hold and falling into debt to the Dollar Harvesters (the 1%).

The danger - Opportunities can pass you by if you always "Go with the Flow," but "Seizing the Day" opens the door to the Dollar Harvesters (the 1%)  who will destroy you in their insatiable quest for wealth.

The first player to fulfill his/her Wants wins.

NOTE: This game is based on observing what happened to people as a result of the 2008 recession.

Two or four players

Game components - 37 cards 2.75"X 2.75". One illustrated rule sheet. One cotton draw-string bag. Made in USA.

Age: 10 to 100

Play time: 30 mins to 45 mins

Available - Late October

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