mOre - Explore you relationship with Conflict Resolution- card game

$ 37.00

The Situation - You play two tribes born of siblings of an earlier tribe. Although you have remained neighbors sharing a territory over the centuries, your ideologies have become separated by different interpretations causing you to dehumanize each other. This has justified you to expand into the Territory you share to secure homes for your tribe and displace your neighbor into the desert.

The Challenge - Play the visionaries of the two neighboring tribes, trapped in this cycle of war over Territory, who awaken to each others' humanity. When you see, and acknowledge, a match between one of his/her souls and one of yours, a new path to security for you all in the Bigger Picture opens to you both.

The Danger - If you choose to ignore the opportunity of uniting in the Bigger Picture, you can win the game by dominating the Territory but war will continue.

The player to secure the most homes in the Territory or the Bigger Picture WINS. However only by winning in the Bigger Picture do you stop the cycle of violence.

Game components - 37 cards 2.75"X 2.75". One illustrated rule sheet. One cotton draw-string bag. Made in USA.

" A powerful message for peace" Dr Toy 2015

Age: 10 to 100

Play time: 30 mins. – 45 mins

Available - Late October

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