I Lands - Environmental card game

$ 25.00

The situation - Begin the game as a self concerned “ME Lander," following Fashion in your consumer society, by discarding what is not “IN” into the ocean and causing it to rise. The rising sea level is threatening an Island culture called “WE Landers," so called because they survive as a community by helping one another.

The challenge - Expand your “Care Horizon” by visiting the islands and replacing your self centered "ME Lander" Outlook with a “WE Lander" Outlook. This will allow you to cooperate with other players to clear and lower the sea level.

The danger - If you do not expand your Care Horizon and recycle each others' discards, the "WE Lander" islanders will lose their home and drown.

The player to clear the last discard from the ocean WINS.

NOTE: This game is based on a true story currently unfolding on atolls in the South Pacific.

Two or four players

Game components - 37 cards 2.75"X 2.75". One illustrated rule sheet. One cotton draw-string bag. Made in USA.

Age: 10 to 100

Play time: 30 mins - 45 mins 

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