SkyGarden - contemplation


Contemplation Guide

Use this guide to amplify the personal significance of playing SkyGarden with a partner, or just laying out the cards as a solitaire tool for inner reflection on your relationship with your partner.

Define "Feelings", "Love" and "Care" and write them down before you begin a game.
Discuss what these emotions, expressions, and expectations mean to you with your partner.

Play the game

Declare your Feelings
When you expose your first Feeling card
Contemplate/discuss the first time you met; how your partner affected you, and how you reacted to him or her. Write down your shared memories, and the ones you didn't share at the time.

Express your Love
When you exchange your first Feeling card for a Love card
Contemplate/discuss the moment you knew he or she was "different." Express what your partner brings to your Life; how he or she completes it, like the Gardener and StarGazer do for each other. Write down the gifts you bring each other.

Offer your Care
When you convert your first Love card to a Care card
Contemplate/discuss what you were doing when you "truly" saw him or her; how you felt when you saw through the euphoria of fuzzy togetherness to “see” him or her for who they were and are. Write down what you see in each other.

Love for the Happiness you receive
When you see your partner is “Winning” by surrounding you with more Care cards than you are giving them – thank him or her.
Contemplate/discuss how Happiness has changed 0ver time. Write down how you make each other happy NOW.

Love for the Happiness you can give
When the advance of your cards causes your partner to retreat – don’t take offense, just accept he or she needs their “space” and work harder to fill it with Care on his or her terms. Write down what you must do to make each other happy.

Feel the emotions generated by the game and captured by your notes.
Compare these Feelings with how you feel normally.

Happiness in Life

is the alignment of what we do on the outside with who we are on the inside.
Use these games to interact with aspects of Life
in ways that generate Happiness for you.

 GameWhys 2014