The story behind Paradice


      Once upon a time there was a world called Paradice floating in our mysterious universe. In each of its four forests lived a spirit of a different color and a human looking at Paradice from a different point of view. Paradice was a beautiful place and supported life in many forms. Its trees supported spirits and they supported humans.

      Over time the humans learned enough to manipulate the web of life that sustained them, but the universe remained an unsettling mystery. Humans turned to Paradice, the only place they knew, for happiness, comfort and security. As their consciousness developed, they became aware of a boundary between the known and unknown, a path encircling their world. Chance often visited this path changing circumstances and providing opportunities for the happiness they sought. Humans responded to opportunity in two different ways. Sometimes they took what they could when they could. At other times they would turn to each other and share points of view.

      Sharing their stories revealed many things they could not see alone. They had the same world but each saw only part of it. They realized that just taking from their fragile home threatened existence. They discovered that meeting eye to eye gave them power to give back to Paradice and repair damage they had done as takers. Each accepted that although taking was sometimes necessary, each had to maintain a balance between giving and taking. They saw that so often the choices they made were governed by circumstance.

      As one, they came to know that maintaining a balance between giving and taking was necessary to their world, their home and their happiness. It was to be a never ending task, and each strived to contribute to that balance, if only for a moment. Welcome to Paradice, a game of Give and Take.