The story behind OYL (Occupy your life)

OYL - Occupy your Life

      Human beings, like all forms of Life are programmed to succeed as Expression and Fulfillment. Expression is our contribution to Life. A tailor’s beautifully made suit is his Expression, his contribution to life. Fulfillment is what we get from Life and is comprised of two parts: the Fulfillment of Needs and the Fulfillment of Wants. Needs are the necessities of Life: food, shelter, clothing and light. Wants are the potentials of Life: the love of another and offspring In a healthy society, the Expressions of one become the Fulfillments of the Needs of another; the parts contribute to the good of the whole. However, as in all Life systems, there are predators: for Humans these are the Dollar Harvesters, who contribute nothing, and live off the weaknesses and mistakes of others, converting their Lives into an endless crop of dollars.