mOre - contemplation

mOre Contemplation Guide
Use this guide to amplify the personal significance of playing Humanity with a partner, or just laying out the cards as a solitaire tool for inner reflection on your relationship with others.

Define what options could replace war as a tool to find home and security for you
Write them down before you begin a game.
Discuss what is security for you and what you are doing to ensure it for your self. Discuss what are you are prepared to do to achieve and protect it. Discuss any alternatives to the ones you have been brought up with those you have considered or tried.

Play the game

The way of the Flag
When you displace your partner’s cards you leave him/her with nothing but an exposed soul.
how you feel about acting this way; have you dehumanized him/her enough so as not to feel anything thus justifying your actions. Is it just what you are used to doing?. What if it is done to you?

Create a settlement
When you occupy a square of four Territory spaces you claim it.
Contemplate/discuss living in a walled gated and guarded community surrounded by neighbors who hate you because you stole their homes, land and livelihoods to make your community. Can you really enjoy it – deep down? Can you ever relax – really relax.

The way of the soul
When you see the souls of your tribe are the same as those of your neighbor.
Contemplate/discuss how this fact is totally overlooked by the default approach to each other that has been developed over centuries. Feel the feelings of what you have accepted doing to your neighbor - as if it were being done to you.  Anticipate the richness that can result in the same soul types share their points of view of life values, and the insights this could lead to.

The bigger picture
When soul cards of your tribe and your neighbor connect in the bigger picture.
Contemplate/discuss the discovery, and subsequent realization, that the person you have made your “enemy” is the same as you underneath his/her Flag. Realize he/she has the same feelings as you and therefore will not rest, like you, until he/she finds security, and this means continual war in the way of the Flag. Notice how the combination of the two different ways you depict the symbol that is so important to you, is more dimensional than either depiction on its own; could this not be applied to everything about you both – a richer life born of your differences, in a more dimensional home together?

Settlements and Refugees
When soul card card is touching a Flag card atop a settlement

Contemplate/discuss the feelings of both tribe members. The refugee with his/her soul exposed is desolate wondering what to do, where to go, how to feel -- what is the point? The settler safe secure and accomplished, looking down at the refugee coldly. But there is a bigger picture on the horizon, could it offer a bigger security you both? There is no doubt that the refugee has nothing more to lose by approaching the settlers with an invitation to the bigger picture, and because the settlers are connected by an ideal, its more likely that the refugee could find a soul connection there than with the Flag bearers on the battle field of the Territory. On the other hand, as the settler watches the bigger picture grow - bigger than the territory - it could appear to be a better bet for a home than the one he/she has secured that everyone knows will only last until the balance of power shifts, and it will, it always has.

Feel the emotions of how letting your differences of perspective and opinion regarding the meaning in life is the source of continual war, and consider reversing that by using those differences to build a richer perspective and security for everyone. Compare that feeling with how you feel normally

Happiness in Life

is the alignment of what we do on the outside with who we are on the inside.
Use these games to interact with aspects of Life
in ways that generate Happiness for all.

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