I Lands - contemplation

I Lands 

Contemplation guide
Use this guide to amplify the personal significance of playing I Lands with your partners, or just laying out the cards as a solitaire tool for inner reflection on your relationship with consumerism and its effect on you and others.

Define the Pros and Cons of living in a Consumer Society.
Write them down before you begin a game.
Contemplate/discuss the effect of consumerism on you; how your habits and values impact the world. Explore how to change to help those suffering because of the culture you are immersed in.

Play the game

Begin the game as a ME Lander
When you add to pollution in order to follow Fashion -

Contemplate/discuss living as a ME Lander, subject to the survival pressures that come with an aggressively “modern” culture, where the only tool offered by that society as relief, a way to feel warm, is immersion in social “media” with electronic expressions of people you can’t really see, feel or touch.

Expand your Care Horizon
When you visit the islands -

Contemplate/discuss discovering a We Lander culture, successfully coping with the survival pressures in an “ancient” culture, where the only tool offered by that society as relief, a way to feel warm, is each other, because they can see one another.

When you diminish pollution in order to follow Fashion -

Contemplate/discuss“I see therefore I Care” and share. Expand your Care Horizon to include your partners; assess what you can offer them, and  what they can offer you.

When you relapse into following Fashion by adding to pollution -

Contemplate/discuss living again as a ME Lander, with a Care Horizon limited to your hi tech equipped box, buying into consumerism, to maintain your sense of well being.

All is not lost
When you reaffirm you commitment to the bigger picture -

Contemplate/discuss the rewards of living with respect for others, whether you draw on memories of such rewards buried deep within you, or are exposed to such insights circulating within your society.

Feel the emotions generated by the game and captured by your notes.
Compare these Feelings with how you feel normally.

Happiness in Life

is the alignment of what we do on the outside with who we are on the inside.
Use these games to interact with aspects of Life
in ways that generate Happiness for you.

 GameWhys 2014