Paradice - Environmental card game

$ 30.00

SORRY - This game is unavailable while rule booklets are upgraded.

Expected availability November. 

The situation - One player plays the default human response to opportunity – and uses his/her turn to move a Human play piece through the forests, and Take trees. The other player/s uses his/her turn to connect two or more Human play pieces ”eye to eye” - to “see the Bigger Picture," and gain the power to Give trees back to the Forest. Player roles change constantly, according to chance and skill. 

The challenge - Only as a Giver can you win the game, but if the Taker takes too many trees from the forests, their forest spirits die and the Human play pieces operated by the Giver become depressed and unmovable.

The danger - if two Human play pieces become unmovable the Giver fails, the game is reset, and the Taker gets an opportunity to be the Giver.

The player who returns all the trees to the Forests by uniting ALL the Human play pieces WINS as steward of the forests.

NOTE: This game was inspired by the deforestation of the Amazon and other rain forests, and lately, I am glad to say, it is getting a good reception in Brazil.

Two players

Game components - 37 cards 2.75 X 2.75. One die. One illustrated rule sheet. One cotton draw-string bag. Made in USA.

Age: 10 to 100

Play time: 30 mins to 60 mins

This game is also available as the translucent resin Art game.

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