IceCap - Environmental card game

$ 30.00

SORRY - This game is unavailable while rule booklets are upgraded.

Expected availability November. 

The  situation - Play as Polar Bears and Penguins who are looking for icebergs floating in the ocean (the play area) to return them to their "IceCap" homes. The North Star above a berg identifies it from the North Pole, your home as a Polar Bear. The Southern Cross above a berg identifies it from the South Pole, your home as a Penguin.

The challenge - If you choose the wrong iceberg, you lose the rest of your turn, and the responsibility of the iceberg passes to the other player - and the ice melts faster.

The danger - poor choices and not managing your responsibilities allows the ice to melt. If the ice melts before either of you have rebuilt your home, you both lose.

The first player to rebuild his/her IceCap home before all the ice melts wins.

NOTE: This game was designed to empower young children to feel as if they can "do something" about the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change that they hear their parents and teachers talking about - discussions that could be subconsciously worrying to them.

Two players

Game components - 43 card tiles 2" X 2". One die. One illustrated rule sheet. One cotton draw-string bag. Made in USA.

Age: 6 to 100.

Play time: 20 mins. to 30mins.

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