Humanity - Explore your relationship with others - a strategy card game

$ 37.00

The situation - Like everyone else in the world, you want to fulfill your Dreams.  A Dream is an Inspiration (Star symbol) connected to a Bloom (Flower symbol) using a Heart, a Mind and at least one helping Hand. Dream symbols connect according to the six color sequences in the rainbow (or color wheel).

The challenge - You and your partner have all the symbols needed to fulfill Dreams, but you only have them in three colors;  you need each other to make each others' Dreams come true, by sharing what you have, offering helping hands, and allying Heart and Mind.

The danger - Because symbols can only connect to each other when their colors are neighbors in the color wheel, the incompatibility of colors can not only frustrate Heart/Mind alliances, but destroy the possibility of bringing future Dreams to fruition.

The first player to complete three Dreams WINS.

NOTE: This game addresses and corrects, the two major factors, that I see stunting the development of the Human Race: Inequality and Intolerance.

Two players

Game components - 37 cards 2.75″ x 2.75″.   One illustrated rule sheet.   One cotton draw string bag.   Made in USA.

Age - 10 to 100

Play time - 20 mins - 30 mins

Available - Late October

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