Transmutation through empowerment and inspiration - The Kybalion March 27, 2016 13:30

““Transmutation” is a term usually employed to designate the ancient art of the transmutation of metals – particularly of the base metals into gold. The word “Transmute means“ to change from one nature, form, or substance into another; to transform (Webster). And accordingly, “ Mental Transmutation” means the art of changing and transforming mental states, forms, and conditions, into others”. The Kybalion by three initiates 1940.

            Gamwhys games are designed to offer you the opportunity to take the “higher path” in your responses to the scenarios of your life that the games portray. And by so doing generate a warmth of emotional empowerment, possibly powerful enough, to inspire you to transmute your responses in your “real life” into ones akin to those that created the Happiness you felt while playing.