Leap Day February 29, 2016 12:57

The phrases “killing time” and even “passing time” have always seemed anathema to me, because, as I see it, time is the only real commodity we have to spend, and once we have done so, we can never use it for something again.

As an artist using game as my medium to contribute to the quality of life in this world, I view using a game to kill and pass time as not only an insult to the game, (unless it was designed for that – and for that I have absolutely no time) but also to both the awareness of the player and to time itself.

On such a day as this – Leap Day – a day that does not really exist except to combine quarters of days from the past four years that defied our calendar – consider pondering for a moment, or even a day, honoring and cherishing the time you spend and the life you have.

A day lazed

A day grazed

A day gone away


I’d say

Adcadiam 1971

GameWhys games are designed to expand your awareness of your life and time here instead of merely helping you to pass it in distraction - or just killing it.